Praise for Robot Attitude – Robot Attitude

Praise for Robot Attitude


“John Patrick adds to the Attitude series with an installment I’ve been anxiously awaiting! Robot
Attitude is our guidebook to the future in numerous fields. John zeroes in on what we need to
know today to understand technology’s promises for tomorrow.”
Skip Prichard, President & CEO, OCLC, Inc., WSJ bestselling author of The Book of
Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future

“John Patrick’s book avoids the gloom and doom some pundits predict about the impact of
robots. In Robot Attitude, he offers a practical and easy to understand view about how robots
help businesses, large and small.”
Frank Pagano, General Manager at Practical Robotic Services LLC

“Robot Attitude, John Patrick’s latest book in his renowned Attitude Series clearly and concisely
discusses the three areas where intelligent robots will have an impact: use of robot technology,
their future impact on humankind, and how we humans can manage the transition. It’s required
reading for anyone interested in what will likely be the greatest transition humankind has yet
Ronald H. Gruner, Founder, Alliant Computer and

“Dr. John Patrick has done it again! Robot Attitude, his fifth challenge to technology innovators,
follows the successful formula set by Net Attitude, his original guide to transformative
technologies. Patrick sees a brighter man-machine future, and documents it. Thus, Robot
Attitude becomes a virtual piñata of bright, shiny robotic toys and tools that are not just
changing the face of manufacturing, but of living itself. Ignore Patrick’s predictions at your peril,
understand them better, with this highly readable book.”
James G. Kollegger, CEO, Genesys Partners, Inc.

“In Robot Attitude John reaches back to his recurrent theme of our attitude toward new
technology but also reveals how the coming technology may have an attitude toward us. The
future is not about humans vs. robots and AI. The future is about humans + robots and AI. John’s
book tells you why.”
Konrad Gulla, Chief Visionary & Founder, Keeeb, Inc.

“Dr. Patrick’s Robot Attitude delivers a remarkable and concise analysis of a really fast moving
target – Artificial Intelligence and its many applications. A must read and excellent source for
future investment ideas.”
J. B. Hamilton, Investment Advisor, Greenwich, CT